Rough Night

Waking up

In an attempt to travel a bit further this night, the group traveled till about mid night and made camp. While sleeping, they hear some sort of rustling but are unable to awaken. When they are able to, everyone is confused, because Elves and Half-Elves don’t sleep. During their disussion, they realize that some “short and hairy thing” is missing. Everyone panics and thinks it’s Syurai, but Syurai just looks at them confused. they look down and find that Rurick is gone. His Urgrosh is in the same place he left it the night before, as is his bedroll. Except that he isn’t there, instead there is a bloody spot that smears down and across. They also notice that the jem on the side of the weapon is missing. Then everyone sees that their entire camp is surrounded by footprints. Eileithyia tries communing with Nature and finds out that a human and five other creatures that didn’t belong in this place passed through here. This pushed all the other critters to leave as soon as they could. Syuri is bothered by the same uncomfortable feeling and can’t help scratching at himself.

Everyone decides to follow the tracks and go down a trail near where they camped. As they walk, they come upon an area where it looks like Rurick put up a fight against his captors. Lindel finds one of Rurick’s bracers near a pile of ash. Eileithyia finds that this ash doesn’t belong here as well. As Lindel picks up the bracer, he hears crying. He goes back to the group and convinces Skyler to go first, just in case if there is danger behind that tree.

The group draws their weapons and slowly move up to the tree. A female voice demands that they say something through her sobs. Lindel says “helloooooooooo” unsurely, and Kaie asks the other to talk aswell. They state they aren’t there to hurt her.

Kaie explains the whole of what has happened to herShe says the she is looking for the bringers of the light. After telling her of how they are missing, the group says that their companion was also captured and offers to go and help. As they walk, she tells them what she knows and about the two types of Zombies she has encountered. Eleithiya notices that Saiyuri’s scratching has gotten worse and he has bald spots on his fur.

Upon reaching a clearing with a wall of pointed logs about 10 feet high in front of them, Kaie directs them in the direction of the entrance. As they turn the corner, they hear a child crying. The child is crying loudly, but the sound is lightly muffled. They throw a rock that Lindel put a light spell on in front of the child. It stops crying and goes up and picks up the rock and starts to look at it. The child still sobs, but it isn’t nearly as loud. Everyone moves up to about 20 feet away from the child. The child hears them, turns, drops the rock, and starts stumbling towards them.

Kaie draws her bow first and shoots the child in the chest. The child’s face turns normal for a second, and starts to bleed as if she had just died, the glyph on her head disappears and she bursts into a pile of ash. Kai recognizes child as a little girl that had been bugging her for stories ever since she got back home.

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