“Did it work? They haven’t gone to sleep yet, are you sure it worked? You said they’d be on their backs like a tavern wench in heat. What does that mean anyway? You say that all the time, do you have a wench in mind? Was it your girlfriend, no ait, was it ur mo…”

A flick of the wrist silenced the nervous fighter. “Jacruun, get this maggot to hold hs tongue or i remove it next. i know what i am doing.” The wizard pulled his hand back under his robe and looked back to his familiar’s sight. “It is almost dark, be patient and soon we earn our pay. Just don’t forget, take out those two on the edge.”

One of the grubby pee ons, who someone probably had peed on recently, looked to his buddy and mumbled something about taking one of them out back behind his shed when Jacruun said, “take those two out because one will easily rip you a new shit hole and the other will just eat you and be done with it.”

With that, everyone fell silent and nervously waited. Soon it would begin.

Rough Night